Our Story

European Stone Werks was developed by artisan, Mark Pepke. Growing up in Holland, he was always drawing, inventing, and sculpting. He was intuitively drawn to the rich architectural history that surrounded him. While directing a British Studies Program at Alnwick Castle, England he became enthralled with the skill of the stonemasons and their work maintaining this stately historic castle. It was here that he began to work with stone, limestone, and architectural castings. The first designs were heavily influenced by the architecture surrounding him at the castle and throughout Europe.

Upon returning to the United States, he realized there was a real void of this skill set in the homebuilding trade. As such, he began designing and producing architectural elements, with the same elegant, timeless European design. The focus of his interest has been developing the key features in the American home. This includes fireplace mantles, hearths, kitchen range hoods, entryways and many other creative products.

From the very beginning, Mark has been dedicated to the quality of American made goods. That’s why he designs and manufactures each piece at his studio/workshop near Memphis TN along with a team of skilled craftsmen. His commitment to excellence, timeless design, style, and exceptional value sets him apart from others in his field.

If you would like to learn more about Mark and European Stone Werks, please watch the video or contact us today.